The foundation of our educational success rests

with our talented faculty members who teach under the guidance of Midreshet Rachel’s Rosh Midrasha, Rabbi Yitzchak Shurin, and Director of Education, Mrs Yaffa Moskowitz. The faculty, educated at the top yeshivot and women’s seminaries, spans the spectrum of halachic and ideological streams in the Torah-observant world. Each is a valuable intellectual resource, as well as an accessible, insightful role model and guide.






Rabbi Aba Wagensberg

Rabbi Aba Wagensberg, a close Talmid of Harav HaGaon Rav Chaim Pinchas Sheinberg, ZT”L, received his rabbinical ordination from HaRav Yitzchak Kolitz, ZT”L, former Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. Rabbi Wagensberg serves as the Rabbi Emeritus of the Etz Chaim Center Synagogue of Center City, Philadelphia. Currently, Rabbi Wagensberg is a sought-after lecturer in a variety of institutions in Israel and abroad. His exuberant nature makes his classes exciting and popular. Rabbi Wagensberg is the author of Inspiring Change (about self growth) and A Shot of Torah (a collection of shorter divrei Torah on the Parsha and holidays), as well as weekly Torah articles sent out via email to thousands of people. He has created a Torah audio and video library. He can also be heard weekly on the Lakewood radio station, Kol Berama 107.9 FM.


Rabbi Yaakov Lynn

Rabbi Lynn is a popular teacher at Midreshet Rachel, and Pathways Israel. A former Shapell’s student himself, Rabbi Lynn’s passion and enthusiasm for learning and living Torah inspire his students, and the fact that he grew up in a non-observant Jewish home helps him relate to Jews of all backgrounds.  Rabbi Lynn grew up in New Jersey, where he was a two-sport Varsity letter-winner in his public high school, and he graduated with honors from Binghamton University. He worked as a journalist and then a Hillel Director before moving to Israel.  After studying at Shapell’s for two years, he studied at Yeshivas Midrash Shmuel for six years, and he then studied in the Mir Yeshiva, where he earned his Rabbinic Ordination.  Rabbi Lynn lives in Har Nof, Jerusalem, with his wife, Penina, and their five children.



Monica Getzel

Administrative Director

Monica grew up as an active member of her community in Caracas, Venezuela. After being introduced to “True Judaism” she came to Israel to deepen her knowledge of Torah and Personal Growth at Midrasha Binián Olam, while completing a degree in accounting. Once married, Monica and her husband completed the Ner Le’Elef training course for Jewish Kiruv & Leadership and traveled to Venezuela to work in shlichut for three years. Since 2005, Monica and her family have lived in the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem. Monica’s role as an Em Bayit/House Mother, has seen her work closely with girls and young women in seminary. She joined Midreshet Rachel  as the Administrative Director for the Spanish Program, Midreshet Rajel Programa Latino and  now also heads the Administration for the English program.

Merissa Gross

Educational Director of Pathways Plus for Women

Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, Merissa was always actively involved in the small community there. She participated in a gap-year program in Israel, followed by her degree in Communications and Politics at The University of Leeds. Among other things, she has worked for the UK government civil service, been to seminary for a year at Nishmat, and worked in PR and English teaching. She was the Israel Executive of Tribe in Israel, the youth division of the United Synagogue UK. She is a proud mummy of a bunch of little kids and married to Rabbi Chaim who is a teacher at Ohr Somayach. Merissa is also very active in matchmaking (her specialty) and thrives on teaching and connecting with the girls on Pathways Plus.