Featured Student: Eliana Claman

Mar 02, 2017

Eliana Claman grew up in Vancouver, Canada in a Modern Orthodox home where Judaism and Jewish tradition were important aspects of her daily life. She attended an Orthodox elementary school and Beis Yaakov high school and she, along with her family, become more and more observant along the way. For University, Eliana attended McGill University in Montreal, Canada where she earned her Bachelors of Arts in Jewish studies with a focus in literature. She loved the experience and getting to learn about Jewish history and culture; but by the end of her studies she realized she was yearning to go back to a more religious setting, and to study Torah straight from the text.

Eliana finished her last semester of her BA on exchange at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and began looking for a Midrasha that would fit her perfectly. Deep down Eliana knew she wanted to immerse herself in a world that, as she put it, “fed my Jewish soul and where I could dedicate time to growing, learning, and building my Jewish identity and Observance upon the foundation I already had.” While Eliana was still studying at Hebrew University she visited Midreshet Rachel v’Chaya for a day to “test out the water,” and she fell in love with the school immediately. She recalls, “The women were warm and welcoming, and led engaging conversations not only during class, but also around the lunch table and halls. The teachers were devoted and knowledgeable and clearly had such care and support to give to their students.”

Since starting at MRC Eliana has been able to grow, learn and devote herself to gaining skills and knowledge in an environment where she is surrounded by students who are ideologically aligned with her and who are authentically motivated and excited to be learning and growing together. When asked about her experience she said that “MRC creates an environment where students are encouraged to find their own path and to explore their relationship with Hashem and with the text individually and authentically. I feels that I have developed a new skill for asking challenging questions and being open to the answers!! I know that these are skills I will carry with her throughout my life, and am so grateful for the humbling experience of learning along-side such great women, teachers and Rabbis.”

Eliana will be returning to Vancouver where she plans to earn her degree in Early Childhood Education, and hopes integrate everything she has gained at MRC, making her learning and Jewish identity truly her own.

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