Featured Student: Lisette Lifschitz

Dec 18, 2016

Lisette LifschitzLisette Lifschitz was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in a traditional Jewish home. She attended a Jewish school in Argentina and learned Hebrew and Jewish history. But at the age of 13 she moved with her family to Miami and was sent to a public school. Although in Miami they experienced the warmth of the Jewish community and the support system it provides, she did not receive a formal Jewish education after the age of 13. But it was through the Aventura, Florida Jewish community that she become more observant.

Lisette graduated Florida International University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and from Nova Southeastern University with a master’s degree in taxation. After completion of her master degree she started working for a CPA firm and after a year of intensive working and studying became a CPA. She is now the tax director of a private CPA firm, Guzman and Guzman PA.

Lisette’s experience at Midreshet Rachel v’Chaya has been critical to her Jewish growth. She related, “I came to MRC because I was feeling stuck in my Jewish education, having a great career was always my priority and after years of trying to become more observant I realized that my hours of work were interfering with my spiritual growth. I understood that if I did not invest time in learning and acquiring a strong Jewish foundation I was going to start forgetting why I became more observant in the first place. I came to MRC looking for textual information, to learn more about halachot and the reason behind every detail. I did not only receive the information that I need, but I met incredible people that helped me build a stronger connection with Hashem. Taking time off work to come here was the best decision I ever made. I can now go back with a solid basis in texts, a clearer path for my spiritual growth and an experience that I will never forget.”

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