Shapell’s and MRC Mark the 2nd Yahrzeit of Mr. David Shapell z”l

Feb 15, 2017

Today, the 19th of Shevat, is the second yahrzeit of Mr. David Shapell z”l.

To honor Mr. Shapell’s memory, we again hosted a special memorial evening. We were honored to have Mrs. Fela Shapell, their three children and many of their grandchildren present for this meaningful event.

The program started with Rabbi Shaya Karlinsky making a siyum in Mr. Shapell’s memory.

Rabbi Karlinsky then continued with words of eulogy that included a message to the students of both the Yeshiva and Seminary challenging them to emulate the special midot of Mr. Shapell, along with his life devoted to helping Klal Yisrael.

The Shapell’s long time friend, Cantor Binyanim Glickman, discussed the highest level honor one can provide to a loved one after death, and of the “sheim tov,” the precious good name that Mr. Shapell earned.

Our first David Shapell z”l Memorial Married Couples Fellows – Eliyahu and Lindsay Feldman – spoke about their experiences here, their appreciation for the opportunity given to them, and the responsibility that they have to honor Mr. Shapell’s memory.

Ben Shapell’s son, Adam, spoke about his “Zayde.” Mr. Shapell had the merit of serving as sandak at the brit milah of Adam’s son two years ago, the first Shapell descendant born in Israel. It was only a short time after holding his first great-grandson on his lap that Mr. Shapell passed away.

The evening concluded with a story by Rabbi Karlinsky illustrating the special relationship that existed between Mr. and Mrs. Shapell during their sixty five years of marriage, and what every one of us can learn from them.

We trust that you will find these videos meaningful.

May the memory of Mr. David Shapell z”l continue to be a blessing to us all.

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