MRC students fill our classrooms from across the globe.

Our students, who come from varying backgrounds, are academically oriented women who are eager to gain more in-depth knowledge about their Jewish roots and observance. These women, who lead full lives, come to Midreshet Rachel to learn Torah from its sources and integrate this into their lives as observant women, in their career, home and community.


When I was trying to decide where to come and learn in Israel, it was very important for me to be in a place that encourages the students to be independent in their thinking. The highly intellectual approach to learning as well as skill building has allowed me to feel confident in my knowledge and my ability to learn for the rest of my life.
Erika Shaid Penn Valley
MRC offers a beautiful and unique opportunity for women to meet their Torah leaning in an empowered, inspired and practical way. The variety of classes and teachers has allowed me to develop a very real identity as a Torah observant Jew. MRC offers a program that moves with me and challenges my growth.   
Danielle Sussman Sydney, Australia NSW


As cliche as this sounds, studying at MRC has been a life changing opportunity. My textualy skills have imporved greatly and I feel confident that I will be able to successfully apply my new skills to continue learning on my own. 
Sophie Gibly Tucson, AZ
Midreshet Rachel is truly a great place to discover who you are and where you want to go. The Torah foundation I established for myself  enabled me to start a Torah home with my husband. 
Miriam Bracha Glantz Cherry Hill, NJ
I feel so lucky to have learned at MRC, not only for the rigorous curriculum but also for the mutual respect between the students and the Rebbeim, teachers and staff. 
Ally Poret Encino, CA


Learning at Midreshet Rachel V’Chaya has been a tremendous experience. The classes are rigorous, the girls are thoughtful, and the teachers are second to none. Having left a job and “life” back in New York City, I was anxious to find a seminary program that could give me the independence that I crave, and the support that a baalas teshuva needs to succeed during her time in Israel. MRC is the perfect fit. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn here! 
Lindsay Skokan New York University MRC 2014/15