Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the school?

Midreshet Rachel is found on a buzzing, café- filled street, in Givat Shaul.

Lev HaGiva Building, 11 Beit Hadefus St., Lobby 4 Floor -2 in Givat Shaul.

How many students are generally at Midreshet Rachel?
In the primary Midreshet Rachel program, we host around 40 students. Our campus however, hosts other Midreshet Rachel programs and visiting programs, and numbers vary througout the year.
Are there part-time programs available?
There is a part time program available. Students wanting to explore part-time options, will need to do so under the guidance of Rabbi Shurin, Rosh Midrasha and Mrs. Yaffa Moskowitz, the Director of Education.
Can I obtain college credits towards my undergraduate degree?
We work with accredited programs that may be able to provide you with college credits for studying in our yeshiva/midrasha. To check your eligibility, please be in touch with us.  We are also part Yeshiva University’s S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program, which grants credits to students registered at YU’s Yeshiva College or Stern College for Women.
How much Hebrew do I need to know before I come learn?
Students are expected to be able to read the א-ב and identify the letters.
Are there different levels of learning?
Our classes are divided into 4 levels based on your understanding of Hebrew and previous Torah Study. The levels range from Basic to Advanced.
Is there a dress code for the school?
Students are required to wear modest dress.
Can I drop into classes or are all classes mandatory
Full-time students are required to be at all classes. Students interested in attending classes on a part-time basis will create a schedule with Rabbi Yitzchak Shurin and Mrs. Yaffa Moskowitz, and are expected to be at all of their part-time classes.
What essentials do I need for the classes?
Students are encouraged to have basic supplies including paper, pen and binder. Texts for each class are distributed or are available for purchase at the school office.
Where are the dorms located?
There are three fully-furnished dormitory apartments located in the nearby neighborhood of Har Nof.
How many people do I share a room with?
There are six students hosted per dorm, with two students per bedroom.
Are there cooking facilities available in the dorms?
The dormitories are equipped with a small dairy kitchen and utensils.
Do I need to bring my own linen and towels?
Linen is provided for you in the dormitory. Students are asked to bring their own towels.
Are the dorm supplies provided for us?
All dorm supplies including cleaning products and toilet paper are provided for you by Midreshet Rachel
How do the dorms get cleaned?
A cleaner comes once a month to do a thorough cleaning of the dorms. In the interim, the dorm coordinator draws up a “toranut” list and each student has a cleaning task that they are responsible for.
What clothing should I bring with me?
There are many occasions to dress up, be it Shabbos or attending a wedding, and students are encouraged to bring suitable clothing for this. Educational trips and hikes are offered as part of the school program, and students are asked to bring comfortable clothing and sneakers.
Are the trips mandatory?
Trips are an essential part of the learning curriculum and all students are required to attend. Students who are unable to attend for a specific reason should speak with the Director of Student Services.
How do I find a doctor if I get sick?
It is mandatory that all students are covered with health insurance. Some students prefer to use their existing health insurance from abroad, however it is their responsibility to confirm with their medical fund that they are covered for health care in Israel. We strongly encourage our students to take out local health insurance. We offer this service through Harel, with a cost of $1.20 per day. For those students on Harel health care, there is an available list of English-speaking doctors that they can contact.
Do I need a visa?
Tourists are given an automatic 3-month tourist visa upon entering Israel. Students who will be learning at Midreshet Rachel for a longer time, will be required to apply for a 1-year student visa. The administration team will assist you with this upon your arrival at Midreshet Rachel.

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