At Midreshet Rachel v’Chaya, we place importance on

getting to know the community you live in as well as our broader alumni community and friends both within Israel and all around the world. Each week, interested students are placed with faculty, alumni, neighbors and friends for shabbat meals, in Har Nof, close to the dorms, or at many other places throughout Israel. In this way, students share a wide variety of experiences with families of many different backgrounds.

Shabbat  gives our students the opportunity to explore new communities as well as to connect to the community around them in Har Nof. As a service, women can sign up each week, either on their own or with friends, to be placed at a family for either the whole of Shabbat or for a Shabbat meal. Our very welcoming Shabbat hosts create a place for our students to enjoy Shabbat and to learn and have new experiences outside of the classroom.
Before the chaggim, preparatory classes are added to the weekly schedule, which allows our students to learn and prepare for all the Jewish holidays. Some of the highlights include a mock Pesach seder and a trip to the lulav and etrog market with Rabbi Shurin before Succot. While some chaggim are celebrated together at the school, there are also plenty of opportunities to be hosted by different families and communities all over Israel.